Nana and Papa Visit

Dan’s parents were here for the last 4 days and we had a wonderful visit! They are always eager to help so we like to line up a few projects for them before they arrive. Not to mention all the getting up early with the girls they do and letting us have a date night, which were definitely nice treats! Nana sewed the new curtains that I bought for our bedroom far too long ago. She also mended 2 of Hadley’s dresses. We all pitched in a finished painting the living room which is no longer orange and yellow but a subtle blue/gray. After recently installing new carpet and slowly changing our bedroom colors, we are feeling a little closer to selling this place..some day! Yay for some progress in the house!

Today we took a drive up to Evergreen and attempted to get some nice pics of the girls and Nana and Papa. We managed to get one but it was not an easy feat!

I even managed to get a couple of Dan with the girls!

The girls had such a great time playing with their grandparents. Though I have to admit they were wound up for the entire visit. I have honestly never seen my girls with so much energy at 7pm at night! They totally wore me out and I hardly did a thing. Hadley is also struggling a bit. She has had quite a few meltdowns and challenges with transitions lately. I am convinced this is related to several things: still adjusting to the new school year, about to be 4 years old, a growth spurt and the ups and downs of my emotions with the pregnancy. More on that another time but sufficed to say she is very intuitive and this had not been an easy pregnancy for me so far!

Speaking of which, I had a 12 week prenatal appt on Friday. I had a little bit of a scare as the doctor couldn’t find baby’s heartbeat right away so I got a surprise ultrasound so we could make sure the little peanut was still in there and the heart was going strong. Sure enough! He found the baby hiding way down low in my pelvis, fully formed with a happily beating heart. I’d post pictures of that too but even after having 2 kids, I am not totally sure I can’t point out the head vs the body in them! They aren’t very clear. Dan and I now have a big decision to make. It was offered to us that we do a 16 week ultrasound since I am 35 and our insurance offers additional testing and early screening for birth defects or other genetic disorders. We really have no reason to be concerned so I think the only reason we’d do it at this point is an early chance to find out the gender! I know…I know but yes, I am THAT bad with surprises! And of course, if there was something to prepare for, we could begin that process. I plan to talk further this week with the midwife and see what she suggests.

We’ve had a busy few days and it’s about time to put the girls in the tub and snuggle up to Dan on the couch for some mindless tv. Ahhh…Sunday evenings are the best!


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