Me time

I was thinking tonight as I was getting ready to head for work how much I miss my evening runs. Last summer I started training for my first half marathon which I ran in October. I wasn’t working at all then (well, at a paying job 😉 and Dan would come home and I would walk out the door shortly after and run for 1/2 hour, hour, until it got dark…it just depended on where I was in my training. It was such a great stress reliever for me at the end of a long day with the girls. It was me time. Time I got to listen to my music and just feel good inside and out. Don’t get me wrong, being home with the girls is such a gift but every mom knows, working outside the home or not,  if mama ain’t happy, ain’t no body happy. As far as I can tell a happy mama= mama time away from the kiddos doing something she loves. Shortly after I quite my job, for me, that became running.

Though the pregnancy has gotten so much better this week, I mean it’s literally like someone flipped a switch inside my body Monday morning, trying to find me time is tough, which is why I still have my job. I work Monday and Wednesday nights at a university library. It is so peaceful and quiet there! Dan has class Tuesday and Thursday evenings until 7:30 and with fall creeping up on us, the sun is making it’s trip earlier and earlier away from our side of the living sphere, so it has become rather difficult for me to get out for a walk or run in the evenings. By Friday we are all spent and Saturday and Sunday we enjoy as much family time as playing tag team while we squeeze in all those errands I didn’t get done during the week. So I just haven’t made much time for me. The good news is we have found a wonderful babysitter that lives just up the street and she has agreed to come every Thursday evening for a couple of hours. WHOO HOO! I will be heading to prenatal yoga while the girls get lots of love, attention and play time from a very sweet girl. They love her! I was so lucky to do yoga with both of my first pregnancies so I am grateful to get that time again with this peanut!

Now Dan and I are talking about sending Emmerson to a home preschool run by a good friend of ours who took care of Hadley at the same age. She would go 2 mornings a week and would be around little ones her age which we really feel was great for Hadley. I am torn though. Of course the alone time (aka more me time) would be wonderful but I so enjoy my mornings with her right now. I know I would miss her! My mom always used to tell me how fickle I was growing up. Some days, more often lately with the pregnancy, I am counting the hours, minutes, seconds until nap time. Other days, I wish there was no need for it so we could just play all day. But that is parenting. Filled with guilt, laughter, frustration, and a love that I am utterly convinced will never be able to be put into words. How can something, someone(s) make you so inexplicably fickle?

So on this hump day, I am looking forward to an evening of stretching and relaxing tomorrow night but of course, we have a very full day leading up to it!


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