Whose that girl?

Hadley has had 2 chiropractor appointments so far. One last week and one this week. The first one was interesting in that the doctor discovered a large knot in her neck and in talking with him, he seemed to know some of her “issues” before I even said them. These included her eating habits, how she was always warm, that she was a very colicky/fussy baby and that she had been on antibiotics at a very young age. These were things I discussed with the RN and health coach we are currently working with to help get Hadley healthy and happy. It was a very interesting conversation and one of the things we focused on and that has stuck with me is that she was on antibiotics within a few hours of being born. This was due to me having a fever while pushing. It is possible for the baby to acquire an infection as a result of this so when she went to the NICU for oxygen, she was also given several antibiotics as a precautionary measure. As first time parents, we were naturally concerned that she was ok and just followed anything they told us. While I am very grateful for antibiotics and believe them to be very useful for all of us, they can kill off the good bacteria in our bodies. A rather extreme example of this is when a cancer patient has chemotherapy to kill the cancer, they can become extremely ill as it is also killing off the natural fighting agents in our body. It’s a risk worth taking most of the time but this can also explain why some people, who don’t necessarily have a good chance of survival even with the chemo, choose not to do it.

So Hadley, having had it as very new being may not have had a significant time to even have built these antibiotics. Now, none of this has been confirmed by her doctor or any outside medical research on my part but I am anxious to read more about it as well as discuss it with her pediatrician at her 4 year appointment next week.

Back to the chiropractor…the first appointment went well. I could tell she was relaxed. As a matter of fact she had an accident in her bed early that morning before waking which hasn’t happened in many months. I believe she just slept very well! This week was even more fascinating, and I have to admit I was jealous watching all of her adjustments. I had to wake her from nap to go which is never a happy time anyway so it was a bit rough when we arrived and she resisted getting on the table. But once she did, oh man! He was moving her around like a rag doll and she just handled it all so well! He even commented on how he was pushing her a little because she was so responsive. When she got off that table, it was like someone had given her a shot of adrenaline. She was bouncing off the walls! So happy and so full of energy! It was wonderful!

That evening and for the last couple of days the whining and general protesting has been so minimal. I have this sweet respectful (we’ve been talking a lot about that at our house lately!), kind daughter. She has been so helpful with Emmerson and Dan even told me that tonight she picked up the playroom organizing and sorting the toys. Who is this kid??

We will go back again next week. The sessions are very short and rather pricey but I keep telling myself there is a reason I have my job and if helping Hadley get healthy is one of them, I am all for that! I am also anxious to start the supplements that the health coach recommended but we have to spread out the cost a little. It made sense to me to get her body in a better space first in hopes that when she takes the additional supplements which will be probiotics, Omega 3s and B vitamins, hopefully she will process them to their fullest extent.

In other news, the family is gearing up for a super fun Alice in Wonderland Birthday tea party this Saturday. We are expecting quite a few kiddos and their parents and I’ve been working hard on decorations, planning food and activities to keep them all entertained. You’ll find lots of pictures here early next week! It’s kind of all about Hadley right now so I am trying to give Emmerson lots of love and attention during out time together in the mornings.

Fall is officially here and we had a cooler rainy day to prove it. The weather is still mostly 70s or low 80s during the days but the nights are great for sleeping again! The warm afternoon air mixed with the cool evenings make for some beautiful sunsets just out our back door!  Here is hoping the season sticks around a little longer than id did last year! As always, life just never stops rolling at our house!


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