Birthday Success

It was a very busy weekend for the Rolls’! Hadley’s Alice in Wonderland Tea Birthday Party was a hit! In total we had about 17 kids 4 and under and just as many adults. When you are throwing a birthday party for a 4 year old, it turns out that you are also throwing a fun get together for your friends! I am happy to report even with all the kiddo chaos, the adults had a great time getting to know one another, sipping on mimosas, bloodies and in most cases Fat Tire beer.

I was able to borrow a couple of long tables and chairs from friends so we set up a great big kid table and pushed together 2 smaller tables for those under 2. I decorated with a paper table cloth, colorful Gerber daisies, some brightly colored paper lanterns, a homemade happy birthday sign and of course, plates, napkins, utensils and gold sparkly tea cups!

The evening before I made several beverages from a great website I found called They were Blackberry Agua Fresca, Lemon Mint Tea made with fresh mint from my neighbors garden and of course Strawberry lemonade. I cheated on the last one and just pureed the strawberries with regular lemonade since I ran out of lemons after making hummus. I had been saving all of my lemonade bottles (and I had quite a few since it was one of the few things I could drink during my first trimester!) and removing the labels in anticipation of making these yummy drinks. I made some new labels and put them on the table as well for the kids to drink. I think the fesca and lemonade were the biggest hits but personally, I preferred the tea!

I planned 2 activities but naturally, most of the kids just wanted to play in Hadley’s room and the playroom and hang out together which was perfectly wonderful too! I think she was just so overjoyed to have so many of her favorite people in one place! We didn’t end up doing pin the tail on the Cheshire Cat but it may have been a bit much with that many kids anyway. They did thoroughly enjoy making their Queen crowns and Mad Hatter hats though. It was a definitely a hit! I had stickers, feathers, pens and the kids made a mess and really enjoyed making their own special creations. Thankfully a lot of the mamas helped out too! I think it would have been tough to manage that one on my own!

After a good bit of time contemplating the kind of cake to make, considering taking cake decorating classes, and visiting many bakeries to discuss possible designs, the cake turned out to be, well, a bit of a disappointment. For me anyway! However, luckily, this birthday was not at all about me and Hadley was thrilled with it! I ordered a fondant cake topper from a lady I found on Craigslist. She owns her own business making all kinds of cakes and decorations out of her home. Her work was good based on what I saw on her website. I sent her a picture idea of what I wanted and she said she could definitely do it. I found this one on Etsy but unfortunately the seller no longer makes them. Here is what it looked like:

Here is what I got:

Now, I by no means expected them to look exactly alike, but…I have heard all the theories about the Chesire Cat’s hookah pipe being filled with something other than tobacco as well as the theories that Alice was on something when she “fell down the rabbit hole” but never in a million years did I expect to get an Alice, for a 4 year old’s birthday party, that in many ways represented such ideas! I had a good laugh with many of the moms about it! Regardless, she was still far better than anything I could have made and I didn’t pay that much for it thank goodness! With all the other cooking and preparations we had to do for the party, Dan baked the cake early the morning of, some of my mom friends helped me frost it at the party, we threw Alice on top, and called it the cake we won’t soon forget! It was delicious! 😉

Naturally the party wrapped up with Hadley opening her gifts. She got some great things that she has been playing with non stop!

And when most of the guests were gone, the remaining parents retired to the backyard to socialize, eat and drink while the kiddos piled on the couch and watched what else but Alice in Wonderland! I think they were all well entranced in in sugar commas and/or half asleep!

All in all, you can see, it was a fun filled day! Neither of our girls had a nap but were in bed just after 7pm and slept until after 7am the next morning. It was such a joy for be to do so much for Hadley in preparing for her party. Maybe I have this stay-at-home-mom thing down after all!


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