Cleveland Rocks!

Time for a long overdue update!

We just returned from a week-long trip to Cleveland, OH where we had a wonderfully busy but relaxing time with family, friends and Dan’s company band! The Battle of the Bands at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame was a BLAST! Unfortunately Dan’s band did not place and they were all rather disappointed. However, the night itself was very exciting and just to have a once in a lifetime experience like that, well…in the end, it’s hard to complain! Dan and I enjoyed some alone time in a hotel downtown while the girls were at Dan’s uncle Jim’s house just north on the lake. Nana and Papa and Aunt Olivia took great care of them. They were so excited to have the love and attention!

Everyone made the trip to the Rock Hall on Saturday afternoon to see Dan play before the competition that evening. The girls were beyond thrilled to see their daddy on stage. They have never seen him play his saxophone like that. It was rather loud so ear plugs were in order. Emmerson couldn’t really figure hers out and since she must do everything for herself lately, I am blaming her recent bouts of ignoring me and not doing what I say on a possibly damaged ear drums! Naturally, there was no way Hadley would have survived without hers! It was tough to keep them in but I know she enjoyed being there. I was so proud of Dan! He is so incredibly talented. The girls and I are so blessed to call him daddy and husband.

The remainder of our trip was spent just outside of town with our very dear friends Ian and Rosemary Thompson and their 2 handsome boys Bennett and Lucas. The kids had so much fun playing together. They snuggled up and watched movies, destroyed the playroom daily making food and pirate ships; they jumped on the trampoline, played in the sandbox and generally just enjoyed being together. We even spend one afternoon hanging out at the museum spending most of our time in the indoor and outdoor play areas. I could go on and on about all we did but I’ll let you enjoy the pictures. They tell a great story! I also had the chance to practice my photography too. I really enjoyed the photo shoot with Lucas and even had the chance to take a few fun ones with the girls. The Thompson’s have such a beautiful piece of property surrounded by huge trees and naturally it is fall so the colors were changing and wonderful to photograph!

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We enjoyed 2 wonderful milestones while we were there. Lucas had taken a few steps before we arrived but by the end of the week, he was cruising all over! I am sure the desire to keep up with Bennett, Hadley and Emmerson gave him a nice little push. He is such a super happy little guy! We we so thrilled to finally get to meet him! I also felt the baby move for the first time last weekend! It seems awfully early I know but with the 2nd and now the 3rd kiddo, I know what to expect and while I certainly get some other fun bubbles in my tummy, there is no doubt I’ve felt a little one squirming around in there. It was a very exciting week!

The adults spent our nights staying up late, laughing, catching up and of course playing many games of Euchre, our once favorite pastime! It’s hard to believe we have known one another for 10+ years ((Dan and them even longer!). We have been through so much together! Heck, there was a time we weren’t even couples, just 4 friends hanging out all the time. Now here we are married, with almost 5 kids between us and unfortunately way too many miles! Love you guys!!

The transition back home was a little rough and naturally life did not slow down much Wed-this weekend. Sunday being the most exciting day for me as I turn the big 3-6 and Dan and I get to go see one of our all time favorite bands: Phish! I think we’ll be pretty much back on track come Monday, ok maybe Tuesday after a late Sunday night! I am still hoping there could be some serious hibernating this winter. However, I am definitely not counting on it!



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  1. Gail
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 16:54:22

    You folks sure had a wonderful time by the sounds of it. Sorry Dan’s Band didn’t win, but it surely would have been a great event. He should go on America Has Talent. Were Jeannie and Richard able to go to the competition?
    Your kids sure have grown. I wish you could make it back to PA, so family could see them too. We have only seen Hadley at Olivia’s wedding.
    It was a nicely written letter and we appreciate you sending it to us.
    You said about time slowing down, but with kids it only speeds up as they get older. Love every minute with them because it will be a very short time when they will be leaving you with the empty nest. But of course, you will have grandkids coming and Gene says if we would have known that grands were so great, we would have had them first.LOL.

    Hope all calms down for you while it flies by, Love, Aunt Gail


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